Euno Commercial Displays is a Spain company with its own factory in Shenzhen, where it manufactures, assembles and research a wide range of professional grade visual Display solution. Our wide product range is LCD video wall, LCD digital Signage all types. LED Screen from P1.25 to P10.

Our customers around the world come from a variety of sectors including installers, integrators, designers, architects and more. But all of them have the same goal, to use our customized display screen to help their clients to inform, advertiser or entertain their audiences.

With our customer service center, local technical support, commercial service, and logistics in Barcelona, we are able to offer outstanding service and incredibly reliable product quality to all our European clients.



Our highly qualified product designers work to achieve your vision on vibrant LCD / LED displays.

We can get information from lighting designers, stage designers, production managers or retail design teams to create CAD drawings and 3D visualizations from the concept to reality.


Our construction engineers are of the highest level and ensure that all our LCD / LED products are of the highest quality.

All products are supplied with CE, FCC and we operate ISO 2000 quality procedures in all aspects of the business.


We can offer a professional installation service for all your LCD / LED screens if necessary. We will also do the operational training to ensure that you get the most out of your creative project.

Support & Maintainance

With every one of our LCD/LED displays, we provide full support and maintenance to ensure smooth running and longevity. Our team is on hand to help you with any questions you might have after your LCD/LED display/system is installed.

We value the collaboration we have with our clients. It is this sharing of creative ideas and concepts that allow us to achieve your vision flawlessly.


Factory pictures

Our own factory assures us quality and flexibility.

Display light up our life